Founder | Senior Lawyer

Bruce Barker

Professional Experience

After 15 years of legal experience running a gamut from death penalty defense in New Orleans,
to white collar criminal defense in Washington DC, to insurance defense in Jackson, I came to
the realization that the chances of gaining a desired outcome from a legal proceeding are often
directly proportional to the amount of resources a litigant has to expend on their case and that
those litigants with the most resources – insurance companies, large corporations, and the federal
and state governments – often litigated for reasons that have nothing to do with justice or making
things right.

I founded Barker Law Offices in 2012 on the idea that my time and resources would be better
spent representing those who came to our judicial system seeking justice, or looking to be made
whole after a wrong was done to them, not those who use our courts to gain power and control,
or to avoid paying for the wrongs they have done to others. For this reason, through the clients
we select and the energy, intelligence and expertise we bring to bear on their legal matter, we
seek to be an equalizer – to level the field between those with all the resources seeking only to
gain more versus those who seek justice or to be made whole.